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Winners will be announced during the afternoon announcements. 
Monday - Penny Day!
Tuesday - Nickel Day!
Wednesday - Dime Day!
Thursday - Quarter Day!
Friday - Dollar & Online Donation Day!



Hello TMES Parents!


The 90’s are back in style so break out that change! The always popular Beak Week is back! The kids love it and our goal is to make sure it is super easy to participate in. No need to sell anything or nag friends and relatives to participate, just send your kids to school with any change or cash that you have at home or would like to donate each day, the week of November 14th-18th.  This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and your donations go towards all the fun events we host, teacher appreciation and all of our efforts to support the TMES community!


Do you have a big bucket of coins that has been collecting in your house or car all year? Monday – Thursday we’ll be collecting those coins! No coins at home but still want to help your kid’s class and grade win prizes? Cash, online donations and checks are very appreciated throughout the week too and will count towards the week long grade competition! 


Here is what we are asking:

  • On Monday, bring in pennies. The winning class wins extra recess!

  • On Tuesday, bring in nickels. The winning class wins PTA organized Minute to Win it Games!

  • On Wednesday, bring in dimes. The winning class wins extra recess!

  • On Thursday, bring in quarters. The winning class wins Pick your PE!

  • On Friday (or anytime throughout the week), bring in cash or checks (made out to "TMES PTA") or donate online** at The grade that collects the most money throughout the whole week will win a grade wide Pajama Day.

**Online donations can be made throughout the week - select "Beak Week" and be sure to leave your child’s grade in the comment field to ensure it gets counted towards the grade competition.**


If you have any questions or want to help volunteer during Beak Week, please let me know. We still need volunteers to help collect donations Monday through Friday this week. Please sign up here: 


The students of TMES thank you!


Maribeth Foelber

VP of Fundraising, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School PTA


Join us for monthly meetings to interact directly with the TMES administration, school leadership and representatives from the Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations. 

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The staff and teachers at TMES are the heart and soul of our community. We do multiple parent-led teacher appreciation events throughout the school year.


Community nights, social events, cultural assemblies, book fairs... the PTA creates, organizes and runs all these events that foster the culture of our school community.

community outreach

The TMES PTA is connected to local organizations that support families and students at our school who need support.