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Welcome to our new website!


Welcome back!  

​The TMES PTA board members have had a busy summer so far! What have we been up to?

  • On boarded new officers

  • Made a new website! 

  • Helped spread the word about Kindergarten registration to help increase enrollment 

  • Supported our community with 4 Season Giving and Comfort Cases to distribute back packs and school supplies

  • Cleaned out the PTA closet

  • Made a draft budget for the new school year

  • Coordinating volunteers for folder-stuffing on August 23 (click here to help!)

  • Planned teacher appreciation breakfast for August 25 (click here to help!)

  • Planned Boo-Hoo breakfast for the first day of school on August 29 (click here to help!)

  • Started planning Ice Cream social for September 22


Join us for monthly meetings to interact directly with the TMES administration, school leadership and representatives from the Montgomery County Council of Parent Teacher Associations. 

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The staff and teachers at TMES are the heart and soul of our community. We do multiple parent-led teacher appreciation events throughout the school year.


Community nights, social events, cultural assemblies, book fairs... the PTA creates, organizes and runs all these events that foster the culture of our school community.

community outreach

The TMES PTA is connected to local organizations that support families and students at our school who need support.